On Saturday, July 8 2017 at 12.00, at the Brewery Pedavena will be held the press conference presenting the CL.A.I.M. – SmartFood Dolomites project to enhance agrobiodiversity with innovative products.

This project is financed under the measure 16.1 of the Rural Development Program 2014-2020.

With Dolomitismartfood.com officially starts the CL.A.I.M. project aimed at studying a path of valorisation of the territory through typical and home-born agro-food products. Tourism, Economy, Health and Territory: they are all topics in strong relationship with each other. It is essential to make a project that starts from that unique and distinctive goods home-born in Belluno, developing it to activate a virtuous circle that leads to an overall well-being for the whole Valbelluna.

More information during the press conference of the project submission, within the Barley Fest 2017.