The CL.A.I.M. project has a new tool to promote its activities of agri-food products valorisation. The new website is now open: a sort of “logbook” that will allow project partners not only to inform interested people about developments; it also allow to share ideas, studies, research and considerations that the group will go through for the duration of the project. All events, meetings and conferences that the operating group will propose for the development of the territory will also be promoted here.

The site, developed by a local company (this is also a km zero job), can be viewed with any device and it will soon be updated with interactive contents, such tests and surveys that will be useful to the workgroup to understand the tastes, needs and habits of locals as well as tourists and consumers. This will help to target research more precisely and, on a timely basis, making the feasibility study of a project that will be able to enhance the territory and its peculiarities more effectively.