The main aim of the project is to propose an innovative short-chain solution through the development of high quality, local food products and the enhancement of the partnership between producers, consumers and local territory. This project intends to highlight the nutritional value of less known and used cereals, with a focus on barley, to promote them through the diversification of the transformation process and the development of new healthy food products. The first recommended action is the construction of a micro-maltery which could have a strong impact both technologically and commercially, when building and operating costs are kept to a minimum. Malt is indeed a much more versatile product than barley in grains or powder, and it can be used as an ingredient in a larger variety of preparations, such as coffee substitutes beverages, energetic snacks and beverages, and diastatic powder for baking. Also, a sustainable packaging should be designed for the product in order both to guarantee a low environmental impact and to convey the added value in terms of origin, quality and attention to the agrobiodiversity. A local distribution network then should involve and provide a link with the tourism operators who can increase the product’s visibility during the many cultural and sport events hosted in the area. The project would highly benefit the territory creating relevant opportunities of innovation and cooperation between agricultural and tourism sectors.