On Saturday, July 8, in conjunction with the Barley Fest, the CL.A.I.M. – Dolomites Smartfood project has been presented to media.

The operating group is composed from Cooperativa Agricola “La Fiorita” (leader of the project), Della Lucia Agrarian Institute, ENAIP Veneto and Consorzio Turistico Dolomiti Prealpi, which are supported by some external advisors and consultants. During the press conference, the team illustrated the aims of the CLAIM – Dolomiti Smartfood project and the operating modalities they intends to adopt in the near future to continue an important feasibility study. Infact the purpose of the project is to determine if there are the conditions for making useful initiatives for the sustainable development of the territory, starting from the local agricultural products and the enhancement of the same.

Among the ideas for screening are, for example, the realization of a snack or a cereals bar made with local production ingredients and a biodegradable packaging, or the realization of a malthouse to extract the malt used not only for beer preparation, but also as an ingredient for commercial sweets.

Meanwhile the group shown the first tow questionnaires they produced to investigate the interest of potential consumers in relation to local products. These questionnaires will also be available very soon in our website www.dolomitismartfood.it